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Air Ventilator works on centrifugal force created ny continues running of vanes.Minimum wind pressure rotates the ventilator on self lubricated tflon cap.Hot & polluted air escapes, creating pressure drop beneath.Immediately fresh and cool air enters to fill the pressure drop.The fly wheel effecton the ventilator makes it run continuouslyand fresh air flow is mantianed.It prevents entry of water and dust particles.

Fresh air makes people mopre alive and active.

Air Ventilator is manufactured with high technology and qaulity to reduce weight and to increase durability.It is a boon to every industry that strives at cost reduction and energy consumption making ir economical and envirnment friendly.

Ventilators are available in aluminium and stainless steel in 14" and 24" throat size .

Base frames make out of fibre (in U.V Stablized Resin) are available with 4 to 20 slope frames suitable for tile and trafford colour coated sheets,gavalume sheets and other aluminium industrial profiles.

Asbestos sheets are also available.Minimum lapping lenght is 100 mm depending uopn the purlin space.



-Strong.Light weight and durable -No operating cost since it runs on wind power
-Only 2 mph of wind velocity is required -1o years warranty on the ventilator head
-Improves working conditions and increases productivity -No noise-Super silent operation
Specification of Ventilation System 365mm Turbo Ventilator 6 10mm Turbo Ventilator

Air removing capacity at:

15 km/h wind speed

1800 m/h 6500 m/h
Sealed bearing in housing (Nachi, Japan or equivalent quality) 2 2
No. of blades 24 44
Dame height 320mm 440mm
Dame with 445mm 770mm
Approximate mass aluminium turboventiletor 2.2 kg 5.9 kg
Note: The air removing capacity figures shown have been calculated at an average roof height (heat stock) of five metre & above working level.

(PEB International can supply size turbo ventilators subject to quality and duration for delivery)

Calculation for No. of ventilator

A typical warehouse of size 25*25*5 m at 15 km/h wind velocity, needs & air exchange per hour

Volume of shed (LxWxH) * Number od air exchange .

Exhaust Capacity of Ventilator

= 25 * 25 * 5 * 8 = 3.85 4 Nos