LED Lights for Offices

Value,Performance & Savings, while improving our environment.

* Consumes up to 50% less energy, with high efficiency &; longer usable life tahn comparable 36w 4ft fluorescent.

* Bright & Even light that is dimmable with most controls.Instant on/off- no delays,flicker or buzz.

* Easily retrofit existing conventional fixtures,simplifies troffers-no ballast needed.

* Safe-free of hazardous lead,mercury & fragile glass,no damagin g UV light,infrared radiation or CO2 emissions.

* Unlimited indoor applications for overhead illumination,retail fixtures, signage & accents- 2ft-4ft lenghts available.

LED Panel Light 600*600-36W and 64W
LED Tube Light 2ft-4ft (10W-12W-18W)
LED Bulbs (6W-9W-12W)