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MAS Enterprises name is synonymous to energy savings in UAE and Pakistan. From the onset of LED lighting market, MAS Enterprises made a foray in different lighting opportunities in UAE and Pakistan viz a viz high bay, flood light and down light LED lights.

As we speak, LED lighting in Pakistan and UAE is growing at the rate of 20% annually. For example, all traditional light source such as halogen, metal halides, and CFC are being converted into LED lighting. Applications include high bay LED lighting used in

warehouses/factories , flood light LED, down lights used commercial and residential rooms, and industrial use in hazardous locations such as oil and gas fields.

Oil and Gas applications requires rigorous classifications i.e., testing prior to use for the safety and security of the people. For example, in high gas areas all electrical appliances and LED lighting are made explosion proof. This is in addition to stringent IP protection i.e., ingress protection. The highest form of IP rating available is with us i.e., IP 65 and 66. We always maintain explosion proof lighting for internal and external applications with ATEX series classifications.

Similarly, for commercial usage i.e., showroom, building, shops, hotel and offices, down lights and LED panels are commonly used. A typical 50watt halogen light is replaced with 5 watt LED down light. A 86 watt conventional tube light fitting is replaced with 36 watt 60x60 cm LED panels. Led panels are savings a lot and aesthetically pleasing for internal use. The average life span of LED panel 60x60cm is 50,000 hours. This is 5 times more than conventional tube lights. LED panel 60x60cm is hottest selling item in offices in UAE and Pakistan.

It typically ranges from AED 350-450 depending up on the quantity used in the project. All our LED panels comes with external power drive. This power drive can be replaced easily in case of power failure or heat up. The beauty of the LED panel is lightweight aluminum body and easy retrofit. LED lighting is a natural partner with battery based systems like Solar systems i.e., reason being low wattage consumption and thus longer hour of battery usage. Nowadays, most of the solar applications are being unveiled with LED down lights in UAE and Pakistan.

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