Pre-Engineered Steel Building Division

We do value engineering and erection of Pre-Engineered steel buildings in the region.


As everyone knows that today is the time of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings because of its some unique features i.e., it is fastest, long life, moveable etc. The beauty of this technology is you can make big span buildings like warehouse, shed for production unit etc.

MAS Enterprises with 50 years management experience is not only design Pre-Engineered Steel Building but also supply and erect /install them in UAE and Pakistan.

MAS Enterprises has the specialty to design the Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings with Solar Systems. Due to high electricity rate MAS Enterprises can provide Solar Systems with Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. The solar panels / module can be installed on roof of the building. With the help of fiber glass insulation and injected sandwich panels we can reduce the inside temperature of buildings. Not only this MAS Enterprisescan design and supply LED lights for the same building. Accessories of Pre-Engineered Steel Building. MAS Enterprises is one of the biggest supplier of accessories for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Wind ventilator is one of them.

The aim of MAS Enterprisesl is to introduce the products which is related to energy saving to reduce the cost of electricity. This unique wind ventilator installed on the roof of steel buildings and does not need electricity (no operating cost) as it runs on wind. With 5 to 10 years warranty of this product we are offering very affordable price. It is light weight, strong, durable, only 2 mph wind velocity is required, improves inside working conditions with no noise and excellent silent operation.

Widely applicable for warehouses,factories and multi purpose buildings.